A good week for publications and knowledge transfer

17 Mar 2014

It was a good week for IMPRINTS. Kybernetes, an academic journal for the interdisciplinary study of cybernetics and systems in the widest sense, accepted the article in which Georgina Turner and Liesbet van Zoonen explore the limits of the current data paradigm in identity management and propose a more expressive, narrative based understanding of identity. Download the article: Exercising Identity here.

The research by Sandra Wagemakers, about the differences between the experiences of uses who have an RFID (identification) or a CI (hearing) implant will be published by IEEE Technology and Society Magazine [download the article here]. And our paper about the two game surveys we conducted for IMPRINTS, has been accepted for presentation at the upcoming European Conference on Research Methodology.  The paper, Research through gaming: public perceptions of (the future of) identity management, is available to download here.

Finally, Liesbet van Zoonen was interviewed for the monthly talk show of Erasmus University Rotterdam, where she talked about identity fraud and the IMPRINTS research.

 Professor Liesbet van Zoonen interviewed for the monthly talk show of Erasmus University Rotterdam