David Willetts finds IMPRINTS 'Very Star Trekkie'!

06 Dec 2012

We presented the research yesterday to MPs and selected invitees in the Houses of Parliament. We drew good interest, and MPs especially liked the paradox between sharing personal information on social network sites and hesitating to share this with government and other official institutions. We handed out the QR scarves that Sandra, Dougie and Lilia designed, with QR codes woven into the design. The scarf in particular evoked a lot of discussion and interest, as did the Psychic ID card. Unfortunately the DNA stamper's delicate technology did not survive the transport. Nevertheless, the event was very successful, also because we were able to show our work to diverse members of the research councils. David Willetts came in halfway the event and announced a rise in the budget for scientific research of 600 million pounds. He then did the rounds and seemed to like our project. We gave him a scarf for his wife, and when we showed the smart rings he laughed and said: 'Oh this is all very Star Trekkie, isn't it?'

 Liesbet van-Zoonen meets David Willetts, MP and Julie McLaren, ESRC