Biometrics Institute Technology Showcase

25 Jun 2013

Yesterday I attended the Biometrics Institute Technology Showcase 2013 in London with Aletta and Elpida.

I wanted to write a short blog post to let people know how it went, and what we found out about. First of all, it was encouraging to note that many of the presentations were talking about the future of biometrics, and the ways the industry view the biometric future is similar to our scenarios. Technologies such as iris recognition, facial scanning, tokens embedded with biometrics and vein recognition were all discussed.

Aletta and I had just 15 minutes between us to present our Q-sort and focus group findings so far. The presentation was well received, and David Birch (of Consult Hyperion and creator of the PsychicID card) commented on the value of understanding user concerns. In fact, one of the most interesting aspects of the day was that although the showcase was filled with exhibitors, businesses and experts in the biometrics field, after each presentation there was often a question from the audience focusing on the percieved barriers to adoption. Most of the presenters had to answer honestly that they simply didn't know the answer.

It seems that our search for the taboos and desires of IdM technologies is certainly a valuable one, and the event gave us the chance to reaffirm our directions for the remainder of the project. For example, one of the promising biometric tehcnologies presented was Hitachi's 'VeinID'. Vein recognition is apparently a very secure, fast, and more acceptable way of identifying a person than other methods in the past, and a number of case studies presented at the event suggest this is one of many exciting futures for IdM.