The quintessential news article about identity management

17 Feb 2012

Jasmine and myself have analysed numerous news articles about identity management and have come up with a rather good understanding of what the standard news discourse in this field is. It includes a reference to pop culture, often 1984 or James Bond, it likes somewhat exotic applications, and it emphasizes risks; which makes sense, because good news is no news. Rather than giving more detail, here is a link to a recent article in the Australian SunSunday Morning Herald which is typical:

Channel Four Documentary Home of the Future

15 Feb 2012

Channel Four runs a documentary about an ordinary family whose house has been transformed into a Home of the Future. Mainly a gadget show, loads of smart appliances, but some interesting IM issues, for instance fingerprint access to the house: difficult for the father because his thumb print is worn. If you missed the first episode it is on: 


Stakeholder meeting succesful

09 Feb 2012

On January 27 2012, we met a number of our advisors in London to discuss our first set of results. We presented thefuture identity management scenarios that we found in policy documents, arts and design, popular culture and scientific research. We also presented a tentative framework of 12 mother scenarios that can be mapped onto various societal domains.  The meeting was informative, enjoyable and sometimes chaotic, but in the end inspiring to us as researchers, and - as they assured us - to our advisors.