Considering gamification

18 Feb 2014

We were excited about using survey games rather than traditional surveys to garner public responses to identity management technologies - it was a fun, creative process for us and for our respondents, feedback from whom was overwhelmingly positive. This is also the kind of methodological innovation that our funders at the EPSRC were keen on.

It is important, though, to reflect on these newer ways of doing things and the data they produce. Together with Betty Adamou at Research Through Gaming, we wrote our work up as a case study for Sage, discussing the processes involved, issues raised, as well as potential drawbacks. The case study is designed to help other researchers thinking about using this approach, and presents some ways in which those working with limited resources can adopt the principles of gamification (progress and reward, for example, or competitiveness) without breaking the bank. Our paper for Sage Research Methods is here.