Digital Culture: Promises and Discomforts

17 Oct 2013

Earlier this month the University of Bonn hosted the Digital Culture and Communication ECREA workshop, which gave us the chance to present some work-in-progress and hear about the work of others. Our presentation looked at the discussions between IMDb users that focus on technologies and innovations in future-set films and TV series; although this is far from complete, we have identified what we call "the socially concerned self". These users engage with the imagined innovations not (only) as innovations but (also) as concepts, interrogating their social implications and conditions. We were part of a panel focused on 'digital imagination and narrative futures', which produced an interesting discussion and some good questions for us to continue to think about.

The panel, as the rest of the conference, was also a chance to talk to other researchers whose interests overlap with ours, and we were particularly interested to hear about the work that Caroline Bassett (University of Sussex) and colleagues are doing on the influences that run between science fiction and innovation.