Dundee IMPRINTS team works with local designers

15 Jan 2013

The past few months have seen the IMPRINTS team at Dundee work with some local designers.

Part of our research involves sending a cultural probe pack to groups of professional women. We commissioned a design for silk scarves to give to those who returned their cultural probe kit as a token of our thanks for taking part. The team set a design brief and a recent DJCAD undergraduate Eilidh Ellery produced a design and made our scarves. We also commissioned some team ‘T’ shirts from Eilidh with a similar design on them.

Another designer we’re working with is recent DJCAD post-graduate student Jamie Thoms. Jamie created a futuristic identity management tool called the DNA Stamper. This has mainly been utilised in focus groups by our Northumbria University colleagues, however, it also went to London when we visited the Houses of Parliament.

In addition the Dundee team also commissioned a special exhibition display table for some of our artefacts. This was first used at the London Parliamentary event but will also be used at future events. Local furniture maker Lyle McCance designed and made our table along with a bespoke box for transportation and storage.

For further information about these designers, including contact details, please visit their web sites

The image below shows the table with the DNA stamper on the right followed by an image of Andrew Miller, Chair of the Westminster Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee, with one of the scarves.