IMPRINTS boot camp!

02 Apr 2013

Survival Workshop

We work with a number of artists and designers to examine identity management from different  creative angles. One of them is heath bunting, a UK artist/hacktivist who does a combination of creative and subversive projects around identity management. We invited him to do a workshop for us on Loughborough campus about the collapse and reconstruction of identity. Turned out a little survival was part of the fun, so out went the 20-something participants,  into the tiny campus garden, to play survival in the freezing cold and the most chilling wind ever . When the snow started to fall, we called it a day. It was a pretty surreal experience, being surrounded by cars and buildings, and pretending we were out in the wilderness. But all 20 participants including myself were good sports, went along with the chores, and really enjoyed ourselves. Lessons learned: basic needs precede identity management, and rituals are part of the construction of our identities. Dundee is next in line for the bootcamp.