IMPRINTS @ Memories of the Future

07 May 2014

Last week the conference ‘Memories of the Future’ took place in London under the premise that The further into the future you look, the further back in time you seem to get.’

 Memories of the Future Conference

Representing the Imprints project, our team from Dundee presented a paper discussing the pre-mediation of Identity Management and how we are somehow becoming cyborgs through the constant connection between our identity and what is around us –buildings, mobile devices, the Internet of Things, etc.

We got interesting comments related to protesting against how we are constantly ‘forced’ to validate who we are and manage our identities; and questions regarding what our research has found about the young generations and possible subversive acts.

The keynotes were presented by Prof. Alberto Abruzzese and Dr. Malcolm Quinn, who made interesting reflections about the constant changing communication is experiencing in a society driven by technology and the need for instant gratification, how these are changing not just our processes of communication but also altering our economy, self perception, relationships and social expectations.