IMPRINTS presence at the 5th IASDR 2013 in Tokyo

30 Aug 2013

This week we have been promoting our hackJams at the 5th International Congress of International Associations of Societies of Design Research in Tokyo (IASDR), Japan.

 Shibaura Institute of Technology

We presented a poster as part of the Research Proposition Showcase where we explained the hackJam process and invited designers, academics and researchers in all the fields of design to accept the challenges that we posted to shape the future of Identity Management.



We also presented a paper where we showed how, through implementing hackJams,  we attempt to change the traditional paradigm of the traditional Design Competition making it more interdisciplinary and critically-oriented.


The paper was well received and we had contact with Universities in France, Brazil and the USA where we hope we will have the opportunity to run hackJams events soon.

The conference was also very informative and some areas of design reported interesting data that can be linked to Identity Management, such as perceptions and behaviour in airports, user perception of smart technologies, gamification and virtual possessions.

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