IMPRINTS presenting at the 20th ACM CCS 2013 Conference

08 Nov 2013

Today IMPRINTS participated at the Digital Identity Management Workshop at the 20th ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Conference on Computer and Communications Security taking place in Berlin. The project presented two papers with preliminary results obtained from two different research methods. The results presented were from research videogames conducted by the team at Loughborough, and cultural probes packs designed at the University of Dundee.

ACM Conference

Both papers were well received. Participants particularly enjoyed the video teasers from both video games:

Dubious (see below)

and T.E.S.S.A. (see below).

Interesting comments were discussed such as the interactive and engaging nature of both methods, the use of fictional characters and scenarios in the videogames; which put participants in a particular frame of mind and the reliability of the data obtained.

Related to the cultural probes method, personal experiences, emotional attachments and perceptions of the participants were examined while some other interesting issues were addressed by participants, such as IM for immigrants and members of the public with health issues.

IM: Taboos & Desires

Both papers presented preliminary results on how the public see current and future forms of Identity Management, what people would like to see or not and why; it was also discussed the social and cultural nature of Identity Management and how the IMPRINTS project is looking into it from a holistic perspective that includes not just technology, viability, usability and functionality of the different systems, but also how all these affect the public’s interactions at a more social and human levels.

Just before the end of the workshop IMPRINTS also had the opportunity to take part of the panel that discussed the future of Digital Identity Management where we discussed how this future is being premediated by mass media, and how more research needs to be done on people’s experiences related to the use of practices, services and technologies used for identification and authentication purposes.