IMPRINTS showcased to Parliament

29 Nov 2012

The IMPRINTS project will be showcased to Members of Parliament on December 5. The research was selected as a first-class example of interdisciplinary research by the Global Uncertainties Program of the UK research councils. Liesbet van Zoonen and Dougie Kinnear will present visions of the future of identity management as found in science fiction, pop culture, art and design, policy documents, journalism and corporate R&D. These visions by and large present Orwellian scenarios of totalitarian state control, although increasingly surveillance by corporate and media forces is coming onto the popular and policy agendas as well. A popular success like The Hunger Games  is a recent example of such dark imaginations. More pleasurable images of convenient or ‘fun’ technologies of identity management are primarily developed in the triangle of technology, entertainment and design. Prototypes of these, for instance in the form of smart jewellery designed by Dougie, will be presented to the MP’s, together with other interactive displays and print materials. We offer the MPs the conclusion of the first phase of research, which is that biometric and RFID technologies of identity management will remain controversial, and suggest that while the smart phone is often ignored in future scenarios of identity management, it will be the most likely carrier of publicly acceptable and desirable innovations. 

Press release