On your Marks, Get Ready, Go!

14 Nov 2012

Visual recount of the first International Design hackJam Competition organized by IMPRINTS.

The first event of the International Design hackJam Competition took place today at the University of Dundee where students from different disciplines showed their creativity and enthusiasm at developing great ideas to help shape the future of identity management practices.

The event will last two days full of exciting new ideas related to Identity Management where the different teams are being challenged into bringing together the re-appropriation of existing identity management scenarios with the creativity and dynamism of jamming to generate fresh and innovative responses to future identity management practices.

Getting ready to start...


 Dr. Sandra Wilson presenting the project...


Teams reading their Identity Missions to break the ice and warm up for hot ideas...



Tweeting about the event...


Jamming ideas and having fun...


Sorting Ideas...


Tomorrow will be the second day of the hackJam Competition where all the teams will come up with what we are sure will be very creative ideas, and will prototype and present them at the end of the event.



Tags: hackJam, Design Competition, Identity