Q-method explores the subjective views of people in order to gain better insights into views on a topic of choice. Its main objective is to elicit the dominant viewpoints (or discourses) regarding a specific topic at a specific moment in time.

For IMPRINTS, we used Q-method to explore the following question:

How should biometrics be used to identify oneself in everyday life?

A biometric indicator is any human physical or biological feature that can be measured and used for the purpose of automated identification. Such features can be categorised as physiological (e.g. height, weight, face, iris or retina) or behavioural (e.g. voice, signature or keystroke sequence) and are increasingly used to gain access to bank accounts, social media accounts, places of work, and so forth.

The respondents were asked to sort the statements to reflect what they think are acceptable everyday uses of biometrics. There were two sets of respondents:

The Q-method IMPRINTS survey is web-based. To try a dummy version created for this site, please click the following url: http://imprints.poetq.com/key/Y6ehWURcXZpHq12gVT9y/

The entire survey takes around 15-20 minutes. The data will not be retained, it is solely for demonstration purposes.

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