STAGE – Digital Service System for Online Identity Management

05 Aug 2013

Zoe (Churan) Yin's, a Master of Design for Services student at DJCAD, University of Dundee, explores Multiple Online Identity Management issues through STAGE. Working with IMPRINTS support Zoe has designed a whole service system to enable people to create, check, track and use their online profiles in an easy to understand way.

The concept for her service and the prototype of the interface design are based on technology and security protocols that are already in use. The service enables users to separate and control their different work and leisure personas on various sites and applications from Facebook to email to web browsers.


Zoe is tackling the challenge people face when building multiple online identities for browsing the web, shopping online and using social media.

The use of different email addresses, passwords and nicknames, while being convenient and perceived as a great benefit, it can also cause great frustration with forgotten passwords, status updates shared with the wrong people and parcels delivered to work instead of home.

Understanding users' values, behaviours and needs in this complex social and technological context is crucial for generating a new service to help users better manage their identities online.



Zoe started by researching the wider context of identity management and relationships among different stakeholders. She focused on working with end users and the IMPRINTS team to understand people's motivations and needs through various research methods and tools such as identity management diaries, street interviews with interactive exercises, experience workshops, online identity mapping exercises and storyboard co-design workshops.

Based on all the meaningful data and insights Zoe collected, she generated the new service through quick and iterative prototyping and testing. You can find more information about Zoe’s project based on Identity Management at