Without Sin Seminar - Premediation of Identity Management

30 Jan 2014

Last Tuesday 28th January, Sandra Wilson IMPRINTS Co-Investigator leading the team in Dundee, talked about the premediation of Identity Management from the art and design perspective as part of the Freedom and Taboo in Digital Media - Symposium & Workshop that took place at Dundee Contemporary Arts.

Without Sin 

The one day symposium explored and expanded on the issues contained within the newly launched Leonardo Online Special Issue titled Without Sin: Freedom and Taboo in Digital Media where the Dundee team is participating with “The Premediation of Identity Management in Art & Design – New Model Cyborgs – Organic & Digital”.


Dr. Wilson had a very engaging presentation where issues related to Identity Management and the role media play into premediate future scenarios were discussed by the attending public and by other speakers.

Other participants like Dr. Lanfranco Aceti, discussed the social and economic impact groups such as Anonymous are having and how all these relate to Identity and privacy.


At the end of a very interesting day Heath Bunting, artist and activist, presented the “Status Project” and the next day’s workshop organized by IMPRINTS: “How to Make a New Identity”. He invited members of the public and speakers to join him for a very exciting day of learning how to make a new legal identity and to discuss all the intricacies and implications of doing it.