Workshop: How to Make a New Identity

31 Jan 2014

As part of the Symposium “Without Sin: Freedom and Taboo in Digital Media” organized by Dr. Donna Leishman, IMPRINTS Project ran a workshop conducted by artist and activist Heath Bunting last Wednesday 29th of January at the VRC/CenterSpace in Dundee.

Using ‘identity blueprints’ that could be followed depending on personal circumstances, Heath showed the participants how to create new legal, digital identities.


Participants engaged and formed teams to create new identities with brand new names, email accounts, telephone numbers and even bankcards. The one-day workshop proved to be very interesting, useful and engaging for everyone according to the feedback we got at the end of it.


Over lunch the different teams introduced their new identities and discussed their reasons for creating them.


The workshop finished with very interesting discussion about the lines between digital and physical identities and tips for keeping the digital ones ‘safe’ and ‘protected’.